RELEASED: April 2002

01 Cutting Bracken
02 The Game
03 A Place To Stand
04 Distance Between
05 It's So Hard/ Clumsy Lover/ Devil
In the Kichen
06 Dancing On the Edge
07 The Story of Mickey Free
08 Skvadern
09 Light
10 Fields of Fire: A Tribute
(includes High Road to Gairloch and Amazing Grace)
11 September(includes Paddy's Leather Breeches)
12 Blitzkrieg Bop (includes Itchy Fingers)
13 The Noise Club Medley
14 Leaving On a Jet Plane


Looking back at this set list I didn't realize how much input I had in arrangements and song choices.

Drummer/vocalist Tim Smith had the great idea to cover the Ramones' "Blitzkrieg Bop." But the magic of this version is the arrangement. I had the idea to use the popular bagpipe tune "Itchy Fingers" as the instrumental hook. This version is still a fan favorite today!

"September" is a newly arranged version. The original recording appears on the1998 studio album "Broken With a Word." I arranged this in the summer of 1999 when the band was preparing for its first full-length State Fair appearance. I noticed the pipe tune "Paddy's Leather Breeches" and "September" were in the same key and same time signature, so I decided to have the band try to use the tune as the instrumental hook and it worked perfectly.

The bagpipe medley "Cutting Bracken" was originally arranged by bagpiper Brad Madison and me also in the summer of 1999 in preparation for the State Fair of Texas.

Stuart Adamson of the Scottish band Big Country sadly passed away during the time we were recording our live shows for this album. I felt it was appropriate to perform a tribute to the great singer/guitarist. I arranged the traditional pipe tune "High Road to Gairloch"as an intro to our popular cover version of Big Country's hit song "Fields of Fire."

Several years earlier I put together a couple tunes for my own tribute to Celtic-rock's greatest band Fairport Convention called "Noise Club Medley" which consists of famous tunes by Fairport Convention old and new- "The Noise Club" written Fairport in 1988 and the traditional Irish slip jig "Paddy Be Easy" which they made famous in their 1970 medley "Dirty Linen". Piper Brad Madison completed the final arrangement of this medley in the summer of 1999 by adding a 3rd tune- the high energy "Kelsey's Wee Reel".

There are a handful of other cover songs on this album that I chose for the band to perform during this time such as "Skvardern" by the hard folk-rocking Swedish band Hoven Droven, "Dancing On the Edge" by The Hooters, and "The Game" by The Levellers.

I was having fun arranging pipe tunes in songs during this time. High energy throughout the album.