RELEASED: August 2011

May 2011 - November 2011 touring line-up



01 Castlekelly

(Traditional arr. Needfire)

02 Chaser
(Medley arr. Needfire)
- Morrison's Jig (traditional)
- Drowsy Maggie (traditional)
- Untitled (Miller)
- Musical Priest

Recorded at Bryan David Studios in Plano, TX in June 2011. Only a limited number of this CD single was released during the Summer/Fall 2011 Tour.

2011 found Needfire back with a heavier focus on traditional Celtic music. This arrangement of Castlekelly had been in Ed's archives for quite a few years and features him on the mandolin and bass. Kevin Hanlon's guitar playing on his classic Gretsch guitar is also a highlight. There's even a bit of melodica thanks to Brad Madison.